Everything you need to know about Alaric’s sanctuary!

Alaric’s sanctuary requires an Item Level of 960 or higher to enter. Players who have yet to reach this item level will not be able to enter this Abyssal Dungeon. This dungeon may drop Tier 2 accessories, Ability stones, Engraving books, cards, and other set components. The gameplay concept known as the Breath Circle makes its way back into the third iteration of the Water Abyssal Dungeon series. Compared to other watery abyssal dungeons, it is by and away the most challenging of the bunch. The previous dungeon bosses have been replaced by stronger and more varied ones in their one-hit death attacks than at this level. In this article, we will discuss more Alaric’s sanctuary.

The Enchantress and Belloc are two Sarahiel:

Sarahiel and Belloc are the first “Duo” Bosses to appear since the Phantom Legion Rook and Bishop in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord. Even though they are more difficult, Sarahiel and Belloc are still the first to arrive since then. To prevail in this fight, it is necessary to have a complete and thorough memory of the Separate Arenas, the Golden Cloud, and Sarahiel’s Infection process.

Tranquil Karkosa’s mechanics:

After navigating the Petrification that is the Sea of Indolence and the Wipe mechanics of Tranquil Karkosa, Lost Ark players have arrived at Alaric’s Sanctuary. Regarding gaming complexity, the third and final level of this Item Level 960 Minimum Abyssal Dungeon is by far the most difficult. With this in mind, let’s discuss the several intricate systems players must master before tackling the last Abyssal Dungeon of Lost Ark’s second tier.

Subdue the attacking sea monsters:

One of the more arduous parts of the entire Abyssal Dungeon is the beginning of Alaric’s Sanctuary. All group members must assemble at a checkpoint and wait their turn before breaking into smaller groups. Next, eliminate a large area of enemies while jumping while waiting for the second group or dealing with a Turtle Shell. Finally, there’s the difficult journey that both groups must travel to get to the separate entrances to the arenas where Sarahiel and Belloc will do battle.

Kill the Ocean Guardian to save the ocean:

Like the previous phase, the second phase of clearing out mobs in Alaric’s Sanctuary features a large number of gradually summoned Mobs, a few enormous tentacles of the octopus, and a few elites. The final segment is different from the rest of the game, as players must battle the Ocean Guardian, who acts like a Boss and even has a health meter but is rarely thought of as one.

Fury of Alaric:

The second conflict is with Alaric’s Wrath, or the Water Elemental he controls. This massive body of water on the pitch is a nice change of pace because it forces players to move the camera left and right as they try to avoid colliding with it. In Alaric’s Wrath, players need only worry about one mechanic, and they need only have a basic understanding of how this mechanic operates. Naturally, the Pillar Destruction method is the most important part of the game, while the Freezing Debuff eases you into the game’s many freezing attacks that the real Alaric uses.


In reality, there is a test for those who enter Alaric’s Sanctuary. The most challenging and intricate gameplay elements can be found in the 960-level abyss dungeon, the third and final level. Consequently, let’s examine some of the more challenging levels in Lost Ark’s Abyss to make the final dungeon of level 2 easier to finish. In this part of the Abyssal dungeon, fending off an attack from hostile deep-sea animals is paramount. It’s one of the more time-consuming tests down here in the dungeon.


How difficult is it to go around Alaric’s sanctum?

In terms of difficulty, it is without peer among aquatic abyssal dungeons. The dungeon bosses at this level are more powerful and diverse in their one-hit kill assaults than their predecessors.

How often are trips to the depths of the Abyssal Dungeon permitted?

Your character can complete any deep dungeon they are prepared for once weekly. However, a weekly cap of six runs through each Abyssal Dungeon.


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