How to charge a tablet without a charger and all information you need to know!

How to charge a tablet without a charger? Picture yourself away from your usual environment, using your tablet to do something enjoyable or necessary. Then you get the unexpected and devastating discovery that you forgot to bring the tablet’s charging cable. In other words, you shouldn’t be worried. You may be in trouble if you’ve lost, forgotten, or need access to your phone’s charging cable. It is a common problem for vacationers who must remember to pack their chargers. Your phone can still be charged. Here we will discuss how to charge a tablet without a charger.

How to charge a tablet without a charger?

You shouldn’t freak out as much as you might ordinarily if you leave the house without remembering to carry the charger for your iPad. It is common for people to forget their phone’s charging wire at home when they travel. Your tablet can still be charged. All you need is a suitable charging cord or a wireless charging pad to charge your tablet. Let’s see if we can discover a way to charge this tablet without the original charger.

Using USB:

Using a compatible USB cable, you may fast charge your tablet by plugging it into any USB port, such as those found on laptops, computers, and other electronic devices. These ports are sufficient for charging your device; however, it may take a little longer to charge your tablet, and with a little more time, your mission will be finished successfully anyway.

When Using The Portable Energy Source:

These days, power banks are so crucial that they can mean the difference between life and death. One never knows when one’ll need access to a USB port. If this happens, you need to be ready. If you find yourself in this situation, you can charge your tablet by managing a portable power bank. Then, connect the tablet’s charging wire to the power bank’s USB port and start the charging process.

The Use of Your Vehicle’s Adapter:

Technology has advanced so that you can now charge your tablet or smartphone in your car even if you neglect to bring your charger. Most modern cars have USB ports where you may charge your tablet. If your vehicle doesn’t have a port for charging electronic devices, you can get an adapter that lets you use the cigarette lighter to power your tablet.

Wireless power transfer:

A wireless charger is one of the most practical methods for powering your tablet without plugging it in. However, your tablet must be capable of wireless charging to use this service. If your tablet is wireless charging-compatible, you can set it on the charging pad and wait for it to charge.

As a result of using the solar-powered charger:

It is another fantastic method to keep your tablet powered without causing any harm to the environment. In addition to giving your tablet a charge, you’ll do your part to keep the environment in check. Since all a solar-powered charger needs to work is exposure to sunlight, this is a viable option for charging devices that don’t have access to an electrical outlet. The solar-powered charger absorbs energy from the sun and stores it in a battery, which can subsequently be used to power other electronics.

Is using an external power source to charge your tablet risky?

The charger originally packaged with your tablet or smartphone is generally considered the superior choice for charging that device. It is strongly suggested that this charger be utilized whenever it may be. Having options available is a blessing when you have an urgent task that needs to be completed on the tablet, but the battery is getting dangerously low.


Tablets, the successor to laptops in the computing industry, are the future wave. It’s a lightweight gadget that outperforms most mobile apps and has a more natural user experience than a regular notebook computer. Its huge display makes it a fantastic aid in professional or recreational pursuits. On the other hand, your tablet will eventually run out of juice, just like every other electrical device. Recharging is crucial to a gadget’s continued viability and performance.


How to charge a tablet without a charger?

This change has resulted in virtually all new smartphones and tablets being sold with a USB charger that is backwards-compatible and can charge any other USB device without any issues.

Does it make a difference which tablet charger I use?

Most tablet chargers are universal and may be used with any tablet, and some phone chargers can be used with different phones. Every Micro-USB charger only had a 5V rating, so you never had to worry about accidentally plugging your phone into a charger with too much power.



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